ACR & Company is an Indian Chartered Accountancy firm, providing comprehensive range of financial services. Since its inception, the firm has been providing diversified services to the corporate and business community. The firm always perform a mentor's role for the benefit of the clients, tread the path along with them and ensure that they are marching towards the objectives. It is always a passion for the firm, to carry out researches and to undergo requisite training to provide unique, innovative and diversified services. The firm has been synthesizing the learning from a vast experience-base and converting that into the advantage for its clients.

The firm has experience in wide range of managerial services and is prepared to provide learned advice in times of need and specially trained staff are assigned to specific work situations to demonstrate excellence in execution beyond the expectation of the clients. In the existing complex and changing environment, the firm assumes enhanced responsibility and ensure that the applicable laws and regulations are meticulously complied with for the smooth and efficient operation of the business. The firm understand and actively participate towards the fulfillment of the objectives of the enterprises. With soaring aspirations and the zeal to succeed, the firm endeavors to be a recognized and reputed global professional service provider.

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